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Steel structure, self sustaining homes

self sustaining homes


As a design-build manufacturer of self sustaining homes, we realize that our approach can revolutionize disaster relief. Because, when we say, ‘Self Sustaining,” we mean it. Our units need no water, electricity or plumbing hookups because they are built into the unit.

These are  CAT 5-rated modular steel structures, which can be easily transported and erected in 24 hours on any flat surface. Single or multiple units can be used as temporary family shelter, restrooms, office space and even medical facilities in the event of an emergency or natural disaster.

All successful crisis-response plans will want to incorporate these self-contained, fully-furnished buildings. They have ample electricity, running water, air conditioning and plumbing, without connection to municipal utilities (although they can be hooked up to external sources).

Self Sustaining Solutions serves the emergency response, disaster relief and equipment rental industries. Alternative applications include space  for medical facilities, homeless shelters and off-grid buildings.

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Our Mission

Providing temporary, fully furnished, self-sustaining homes for
people displaced by natural disasters.

Our Model

Self Sustainable Solutions creates portable, temporary, steel structure, self-contained housing units to serve disaster relief agencies, government bodies, corporations and private citizens preparing for a natural disaster.

These housing units are the most economical, efficient, durable, portable and safest solutions to displacement after natural disasters.

revolutionary disaster relief

Our proprietary design created a revolutionary way
to house displaced people after a natural disaster.
Each steel structure is rated CAT 5 for strong protection
against the elements. Photovoltaic solar panels
mounted on the roof provide 7,500 watts of energy,
more than enough to power the home. Energy is captured
in a lithium-based storage system that provides electricity
for 48 hours without recharging.

Self Sustaining Houses

Each steel self sustaining  structure has its own water supply; freshwater tanks mounted above the ceiling, providing running water to sinks, showers and toilets. The water tanks are designed to be easily replenished. Each self-contained home is also equipped with a wastewater system; a tank (black/gray) integrated into a utility rack beneath the floor. This waste disposal system can provide uninterrupted sanitation service for weeks.

Home Layout Details


Solar Panels
Living Room (with pull out couch)
Fold Down Porch (increases living space)
Retractable Porch Awning
Water Tanks (concealed)
Sanitary Waste Storage (concealed)

Front Side View

Porch Side View

Home Layout Details


Dining Room, Kitchen & Living Room
Standard Dishwasher
Standard Refrigerator
Standard Microwave
Pull-out Couch
Master Bath & Bedroom
Queen Size Bed
Toilet, Sink, Shower & Mirror
Storage Closets x2
Second Bedroom
Bunk Bed (2 mattresses)
Toilet, Sink, Shower & Mirror
Storage Closets x2
Standard Utilities

Standard Gas/Propane Stove & Oven
Standard Washer/Dryer Combo Unit

Master Bedroom

Queen bed, shower, toilet, sink & mirror
Storage closets x2

Dining, Kitchen & Living

Gas stove / oven, refrigerator, microwave, sink, storage cabinets, pantry

Second Bedroom

One bunk bed, shower, toilet, sink & mirror
Storage closets x2

Reasons to work with SSS

Cost Efficient
delivery model

No Utility Hookups Required

30 Days Supply
Water / Gas / Electric

Photovoltaic Array
Solar Powered

Temporary Building Solutions

Disaster Relief




Command Post

Construction Site Offices

Mobile Kitchens

Dog Kennels

Homeless Shelter

Affordable Housing

Temporary Medical Stations

Medical Interior

Medical Completly Assembled Side View

Where do we come in?

After a natural disaster, we want displaced people to get into temporary homes, faster. Self Sustaining Solutuons offers revolutionary, CAT 5-rated, portable, temporary, fully furnished, self sustaining home steel structures.

These modular designs were created for quick and easy transportation & setup to areas ravaged by floods, wildfires, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes and other natural disasters.They can be used as living spaces, commmand centers, mobile offices, restrooms, emergency shelters, medical facilities and more.

Thousands of Americans are displaced by calamitous events beyond their control. Self Sustaining Solutions wants them to be comfortable and safe, so that they can begin the recovery process.

Because our self-sustainable houses require no connections, they can be ready in a much shorter amount of time. On top of efficiency, our design is intended to make people more at home.

We partner with state & federal agencies, government organizations, municipalities, Departments of Transportation, corporations, private companies and individuals preparing for a disaster, those who help us become the leader in Self Sustainable Housing for disaster relief.