Who We Are

We design-build modular steel structures; self-sustaining houses and related products, geared towards the disaster relief sector and the equipment rental industry.

Our innovative steel structures are designed to be temporary solutions for living space, public restrooms and mobile office applications. They are designed for use after natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, tornadoes and other unforeseen events or acts of God.

Our modular steel manufactured units/living spaces are CAT 5 rated structures, providing self-sustainability during critical scenarios. They transport easily and are designed to last.

Self Sustaining House - SelfSustainingSolutions.com

The Disaster Relief House

When we say ‘self-sustainable,’ we mean it. Self Sustainable Solutions steel modular structures require NO standard electrical or plumbing service connections.

These units will revolutionize the way we help people after any natural disaster. Nature can take everything away, but the disaster relief structure’s CAT 5 rating means it can stand up against the worst elements and weather conditions.

Mounted on top of the super structure is our clean renewable energy source. The photovoltaic (PV), or solar, grid provides 9,600 watts of energy, more than enough to power the home. These panels are mounted on a purpose-build utility rack atop  the roof structure.

The solar panels provide energy to a lithium-based energy storage system installed in each unit. The home is powered for more than 48 hours without recharging through solar power (or any other energy source).

Each home is equipped with its own water supply, utilizing a 3,000-gallon (11,356 liters) potable water tank as well as a 3,000-gallon grey/black water tank installed below the work or living space. This tank system can be easily detached to connect to standard services if needed.

The black/grey water tanks include our Smart Cleaning Technology System (SCT) to keep drinking water safe. The SCT System is a part of our patented intellectual property.

Our House Specifications

Our House Specifications

  • 700 sq ft house with two bedrooms
  • 2- Showers
  • 2- Standard Toilets
  • Full Equipped Kitchen
  • Dishwasher
  • Stove, Fridge, Oven & Microwave
  • Washer/Dryer Combo Unit
  • Filtered Water Dispenser
  • HVAC (Mini Split Unit)
  • Living Room (With Pull-Out Couch)
  • Electronic Fold-Down Porch (Increases Living Space an Additional 450 sq ft
  • Retractable Porch Awning (Optional)
  • 10- 400W Solar Grid Panels
  • 8kW Smart Energy Storage Battery
  • 1- 3,000-gallon potable water tank
  • 1- 3000-gallon grey water tank
  • Complete Fire Sprinkler System