Intellectual Property

Smart Cleaning Technology (SCT)

Our patented Smart Cleaning Technology (SCT) is designed with the purpose of cleaning out a grey water tank without the use any chemicals.

The high-pressure sprayers design allow us to remove any build up in the tank by utilizing a direct water feed from our potable water tank, pressurize the water lines with a HVHP (High Volume High Pressure) water pump, then blast the tank clean with strategically placed nozzles.

The waste will be removed using a vacuum pump truck and disposed at the correct waste management facility.

Current Emergency Protocol

The current processes for helping people get into temporary housing following a natural disaster can take weeks. Typically, the housing that they are placed in is not ideal or comfortable. It could be months before their home is repaired if it wasn’t destroyed.

When disaster strikes, people are evacuated by Emergency Response Teams and taken to a safe area, like the Superdome after Hurricane Katrina. They will then wait to be assigned to a temporary living area by the relief organization (possibly schools or churches).

People will stay in these designated areas until FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) decides where to build temporary housing to accommodate the displaced people. When housing cannot be built, they will place people in RV/s or mobile homes.

FEMA housing currently requires electrical and plumbing connections, like what would be found in a trailer park.


This process can be grueling and stressful for those waiting to be placed.