Self Sustainable Solutions

Settling The Unsettled

Who We Are?

Self Sustainable Solutions (SSS) is a design-build manufacturer of independently contained, steel-modular structures used for convenient temporary buildings needed for fast and effective recovery from natural disasters.

Our temporary living spaces, mobile crisis-recovery command posts/offices, and public restrooms do not require standard utility-connected electricity or plumbing services. All successful crisis-response plans will want to incorporate these self-contained, fully furnished buildings with ample electricity, running water and plumbing.

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Crisis Response Protocols & Challenges



Emergency Response Teams evacuate people to a safe temporary location for processing (i.e. The Superdome after Hurricane Katrina.)


Victims are assigned to shelters (i.e. school gyms or churches) by relief organizations until temporary housing is available.Victims are assigned to shelters (i.e. school gyms or churches) by relief organizations until temporary housing is available.


FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) builds temporary housing to accommodate the displaced.


When housing cannot be built, people are housed in RVs or mobile homes.

This process is grueling and stressful for victims!




Typical emergency protocols to get natural disaster victims into temporary housing can take weeks.



 Temporary housing is usually not ideal and uncomfortable for the months often needed to repair or rebuild the families’ original homes.



 FEMA housing requires electrical and plumbing connections, restricting significantly site locations.

Self Sustainable Solutions: Settling the Unsettled


Fast Deployment:

 Self-contained efficient housing, that require no connections, can be erected quickly almost anywhere.


Reliable Partner:

 Private company available to partner with individuals, companies, governments and relief organizations to lead disaster recovery temporary housing challenges.


Home Provider:

Aiding families by creating stability and normalcy after tragedy. Getting people into safe and comfortable homes, not just placing them in inadequate living spaces, is critical to their recovery.

Unique Solutions for Rescue Operations

Failed Infrastructure :

Sewage and power systems often fail after devastating storms, complicating rescue operations.

Providing a Safe Alternative


Self-contained public restrooms with electricity are an immediate need for victims and first responders.


Our public toilet facilities can be erected anywhere in 24 hours with no need to be connected to local utilities.

Our House Specifications

  • 700 sqft house with two bedrooms
  • Two Showers
  • Two Standard Toilets
  • Full Equipped Kitchen
  • Dishwasher
  • Stove, Fridge, Oven and Microwave
  • Washer/Dryer Combo Unit
  • Filtered Water Dispenser
  • HVAC (mini split unit)
  • Living Room (with pull out couch)
  • Electronic Fold Down Porch to increase living space (additional 450 sq. ft.)
  • Optional Retractable Porch Awning
  • 10 400w solar grid
  • 8 kW Smart Energy Storage Battery
  • One 3000-gallon potable water tanks
  • One 3000-gallon grey water tank
  • Complete Fire Sprinkler System

Let’s join hands and together, settle the unsettled.

We look forward to working together on this venture.
To discuss further, please contact either:

Dave Dicks, 704 241-1995

Olando Dicks, 704 241-1818